Joan Dunayer

Speciesism is a failure to empathize with those outside one's group. In general, speciesists simply disregard the myriad nonhumans whom humans intentionally hurt and kill. Who cares if millions of mice and rats are vivisected? They're 'only rodents'. What does it matter if billions of chickens live in misery until they die in pain and fear? They're 'just chickens'. They aren't human, so they don't count. Victimizers lack empathy for their victims, but absence of empathy doesn't justify victimization, whether the victim /failure/ Joan Dunayer quotes

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Sanna Marin Maybe it’s not such a big deal in Finland that we have five women in power….hopefully in the future we have people from all kinds of backgrounds making the decisions in powerful places. [10/21/2020 03:10:21] More

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Eugene Ryabyi Financial pyramids are constructed from paper money; a breath of wind, a spark of fire - and they will be gone. [10/04/2020 06:10:21] More