Movie: The Raven [1963] Movie: The Raven [1963]

Estelle Craven:
[Estelle, Dr. Craven, Dr. Bedloe and Rexford are all bound to columns in the dungeon] Can't you get your hands free father?

Dr. Craven:
I'm afraid not my dear. What with Dr. Scarabus having turned me into a statue and then binding me like this.

Dr. Bedloe:
I know I... I know I'm a disgrace.

Rexford Bedlo:
I had a somewhat stronger word in mind.

Dr. Bedloe:
But son, you know that, that everything I tried in life I was a failure. Only, only the day I joined the Brotherhood of Magicians. Oh I, I was the happiest man on earth. I still remember how happy I was. And then when, when Dr. Scarabus offered to teach me superior magical knowledge for luring Dr. Craven here, I just couldn't resist that magnificent award. But Erasamus, believe me with all my heart I regret what I have done to you.

Dr. Craven:
You are not alone in guilt sir. I too have failed at the task of living.

Dr. Bedloe:
Oh no.

Dr. Craven:
Oh yes, yes. Instead of facing life I turned my back on it. I know now why my father resisted Dr. Scarabus. Because he knew that one cannot fight evil by hiding from it. Men like Scarabus thrive on the apathy of others. He thrived on mine and that offends me. By avoiding contact with the brotherhood I've given him freedom to commit his atrocities, unapposed.

Dr. Bedloe:
You sure have!

Dr. Craven:
I'm sorry.

Movie: The Raven [1963] Movie: The Raven [1963] quotes

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