Movie: "General Hospital" [1963] Movie: "General Hospital" [1963]

[Luke is acting as Laura's defense attorney in Jennifer's mock trial... ]

Luke Spencer:
Gentlemen of the jury, look at this defendant. Just look into those eyes - clear, blue, like deep wells of sapphire. And the skin, check out that skin - smooth as marble, and yet coursing with the heat and passion of life. This woman is not only beautiful, she's courageous - she would risk her life for love. This woman would use her remarkable intellect to question all the great philosophies of the planet, and to figure out all the mysteries. This woman could break your heart with a smile, and she could melt your anger with a touch. This woman is as close to perfect as anything on this earth. Gentlemen, something this passionate, this loving, this perfect, cannot be guilty.

[Later... ]

Jennifer Smith:
Has the jury reached a verdict?

We have, your honor. We find the defendant not guilty...

Luke Spencer:

By reason of being too beautiful.

Luke Spencer:
And that's right!

Jennifer Smith:
Typical male jury.

Movie: "General Hospital" [1963] Movie: "General Hospital" [1963] quotes

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