Movie: The Far Country [1954] Movie: The Far Country [1954]

[Frank puts another prisoner in Jeff's jail cell]

Frank Newberry:
Company for you; Doc Vallon, best doc in Skagway.

Doc Vallon:
Oh yes, because I am the only doctor in Skagway, so I am the best one. Say, will you ask the lawyer, Monsieur Gannon, to consider my case as quickly as possible.

Frank Newberry:
I wouldn't crowd him, Doc, he's pretty sore - figures you could have saved Diggy's hand.

Doc Vallon:
But the bones were crushed! There was nothing but to do but amputate!

Frank Newberry:
Maybe, but you sure ruined a good piano player.

Movie: The Far Country [1954] Movie: The Far Country [1954] quotes

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