Movie: The Lavender Hill Mob [1951] Movie: The Lavender Hill Mob [1951]

[Holland enters the yard and sees Lackery wobble past on a bicycle]

Henry Holland:
You're teaching the wrong man!

Well, I had to change him over. Shorty can't ride a bicycle.

[Lackery falls]

Henry Holland:
Doesn't look as if he can either.

We're learning him.

Henry Holland:
Why couldn't you learn Shorty?

Because Lackery's color-blind.

Henry Holland:
What's that got to do with it?

Oh my dear Holland, do use your intelligence! If a policeman were to come along and see a green sunset over a purple sea...

Henry Holland:
All right, all right, spare me the details.

Movie: The Lavender Hill Mob [1951] Movie: The Lavender Hill Mob [1951] quotes

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