Movie: Oh! Susanna [1951] Movie: Oh! Susanna [1951]

Sgt. Barhydt:
Yes sir, Mr. Cutter, I figured maybe you could set me straight.

Lt. Cutter:
On what, Sergeant?

Sgt. Barhydt:
Why is it, sir, meaning no disrespect, sir, nobody wants to be a second lieutenant?

Lt. Cutter:
All right, I guess every shavetail that's been out on a day's patrol with you has had to listen to this one. Let's have it, Sergeant.

Sgt. Barhydt:
Well, sir, and I'll give up a day's pay if I'm wrong. A private wants to be a corporal, and a corporal wants to be a sergeant. But does a sergeant want to be a second lieutenant? Captains are right glad to be captains; majors and colonels are glad to be majors and colonels. But even a second lieutenant doesn't want to be a second lieutenant. Looking for something, sir?

Lt. Cutter:
Yes, a good answer, Sergeant.

Movie: Oh! Susanna [1951] Movie: Oh! Susanna [1951] quotes

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