Movie: Canyon Raiders [1951] Movie: Canyon Raiders [1951]

Sam Wellman:
When you've forged as many bills of sale as I have, you'll see how simple it is.

Jack Marlin:
Well, I hope you don't writer's cramp from forgin' 'em.

Sam Wellman:
Well, I only hope that you keep those fancy six-shooters of yours in their holsters. You know when the government starts investigatin' murders, it ain't so easy to fool 'em.

Jack Marlin:
You know as well as I do that we have to start usin' guns sooner or later.

Sam Wellman:
Well, let's make it later and we'll be safer.

Jack Marlin:
Anytime from now on is later, so you do the thinkin' and leave the shootin' to me.

Lou Banks:
Yeah, and I'll do the worryin'.

Movie: Canyon Raiders [1951] Movie: Canyon Raiders [1951] quotes

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