Movie: Mississippi Hare [1949] Movie: Mississippi Hare [1949]

[Col. Shuffle has his butt on fire, and he needs a penny for the water dispenser]

Eh, what's cooking, Doc?

Col. Shuffle:
I seem to be in a terrible quandary, sir. Could you change a ten spor, sir? I'd prefer a profusion of pennies.

[Examining the bill] Are you sure it's a good one? Lots of counterfeits around, you know. Ah, well. You gotta trust somebody. Let's see now. A dollar-ten, a dollar-twenty, a dollar-twenty-one...

Col. Shuffle:
[Hastily takes penny] Thank you, sir. Keep the change.

[Puts penny in, pours a cup of water, and douses his rear in it]

Movie: Mississippi Hare [1949] Movie: Mississippi Hare [1949] quotes

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