Movie: The Big Snooze [1946] Movie: The Big Snooze [1946]

Bugs Bunny:
[trying to convince Elmer not to leave] No. No, doc. You can't do this to me. Think of what we've been to each other. Why, we've been like... like Rabbit and Costello, Damon and Runyan...

[tugs at Elmer's pants]

Bugs Bunny:
Stan and Laurel...!

[rips them off accidentally and puts them back on]

Bugs Bunny:
You can't do this, I tell ya. You don't want to break up the act, do ya?

[aside to audience]

Bugs Bunny:
Bette Davis is going to hate me for this.

[back to Elmer]

Bugs Bunny:
Think of your career.

[turns back to audience, shocked]

Bugs Bunny:
And for that matter, think of my career.

[breaks down in tears]

Movie: The Big Snooze [1946] Movie: The Big Snooze [1946] quotes

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