Movie: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm [1938] Movie: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm [1938]

Harry Kipper:
Long time no see, folks. Meet the new missus, and this is my attorney, Jake Singer.

Pleased to meet you.

Aunt Miranda Wilkins:
I thought you weren't coming back here, Harry Kipper.

Harry Kipper:
It's like this, Miranda. I've been doing all right, just getting married and all, and I'm ready to take Rebecca back now.

Aunt Miranda Wilkins:
You'll do no such thing! You gave the child up once, and you can't take her back now!

Harry Kipper:
Now, Miranda, there's no reason why we can't be friendly about this.

Aunt Miranda Wilkins:
I'd sooner be friendly with a rattlesnake.

Gwen Warren:
It's obvious that you heard Rebecca on the radio and all you're after is her money.

It's Harry's kid, ain't it? We got more right to her dough than you have.

Rebecca Winstead:
Oh, Aunt Miranda, don't let them take me away.

Movie: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm [1938] Movie: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm [1938] quotes

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