Movie: The Music Box [1932] Movie: The Music Box [1932]

Prof. von Schwarzenhoffen:
[the piano is blocking his path] Well? Either of you two numbskulls going to take this thing out of the way?

What's it to you?

Prof. von Schwarzenhoffen:
I should like to pass.

Why don't you walk around?

Prof. von Schwarzenhoffen:
Walk around? Me? Professor Theodore Von Schwarzenhoffen? M.D., A.D, D.D.S, F.L.D, F.F.F und F should walk around? Get that thing out of my way! Go on, out of the way!

[Stan slaps his hat off. It flies into the street and is flattened by a truck]

Prof. von Schwarzenhoffen:
Very nice. I'll have you arrested for this! I'll have you thrown in jail! I'm professor T.D.A!

Movie: The Music Box [1932] Movie: The Music Box [1932] quotes

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