Movie: Latter Days [2003] Movie: Latter Days [2003]

Lila: Chris? Sit down.
[he comes over and sits down, as she pours them each a brandy]
Lila: Drink that.
[he takes a small sip]
Lila: Toss it, that way it's medicinal.
[he knocks back the drink]
Lila: Good! It's vital for a man to have a couple of slugs in him before discussing heartache. I think Hemingway told me that.
Christian: You knew Ernest Hemingway?
Lila: Margaux, actually. But beauties don't always escape tragedy.
Christian: Oh, God, this is hell. I've done something... I'm guilty. And I'll burn for it.
Lila: Funny thing about guilt: There's nothing so bad that you can't add a little guilt to it and make it worse; and there's nothing so good you can't add guilt to it and make it better. Guilt distracts us from a greater truth: we have an inherent ability to heal. We seem intent on living through even the worst heartbreak.
Christian: How?
Lila: Hm. Practice. Movie: Latter Days [2003] Movie: Latter Days [2003] quotes

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