Movie: Kissing Jessica Stein [2001] Movie: Kissing Jessica Stein [2001]

Josh: [after confessing his feelings to Jessica, he kisses her] So I guess I'd like to know if you have some sort of reaction to this. More specifically, do you want to have dinner with me tomorrow night?
[she doesn't respond at first, and Josh adopts a look of defeat and embarrassment]
Josh: Well, if you'll excuse me, I definitely need another drink.
Jessica: [she stops him] No, wait. I'd love to have dinner with you, but I can't.
Josh: What? Not the season?
Jessica: [laughs nervously] No. I mean I cant have dinner with you because I'm with Helen.
Josh: Oh, you're having dinner with Helen?
Jessica: No. I mean I'm *with* Helen.
Josh: [he looks at her in disbelief] Like *with* with Helen?
Jessica: Right *with* with.
Helen: [Helen enters from the stairwell] Jessica, they're starting to serve dinner.
[Jessica exits]
Helen: Hey, Josh.
Josh: [still can't believe what he's just heard] Helen...
Josh: how are you?
Helen: [smiles] I'm good thanks.
[she exits] Movie: Kissing Jessica Stein [2001] Movie: Kissing Jessica Stein [2001] quotes

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