Movie: A Kiss for Corliss [1949] Movie: A Kiss for Corliss [1949]

Harry P. Archer: [Holding a paper announcing his daughter's engagement to Kenneth Marquis] Did you see this?
Kenneth Marquis: I gave out the story.
Harry P. Archer: Did you - ?
Kenneth Marquis: Dad, do I take it that you're not altogether pleased?
Harry P. Archer: Why you -
Taylor: Congratulations, Archer.
Harry P. Archer: Shut up! I'm going to sue your client -
Kenneth Marquis: Oh, Dad, I hope Corliss hasn't inherited your bad temper.
Harry P. Archer: What do you mean by this? Answer me! Answer me.
Kenneth Marquis: Do you think I was just trifling with a good woman's love?
Harry P. Archer: I wouldn't let Corliss marry you if - if - if - Call up and issue a denial!
Taylor: Oh no! All denials will be issued by you. We don't want any breach of promise suits.
Harry P. Archer: I'll have a retraction in the paper by - by - by six o'clock, and maybe earlier if I can get them to print a special edition.
Kenneth Marquis: Very well, if your daughter's happiness is so unimportant to you, I will try to bear up manfully. Movie: A Kiss for Corliss [1949] Movie: A Kiss for Corliss [1949] quotes

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