Movie: A Kiss for Corliss [1949] Movie: A Kiss for Corliss [1949]

Harry P. Archer: I wondered who rang. Oh, that's nice. Who sent it? Uncle George? Mmm. Good.
Mildred: Kenneth Marquis!
Harry P. Archer: Kenneth - Let me see that!
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Harry P. Archer: "May this brighten a youth blighted by parental stupidity and miserlyness. Kenneth Marquis." He did that to annoy me. I'll - I'll throw it out!
Corliss Archer: Oh, Daddy, you can't!
Mrs. Janet Archer: What's wrong?
Harry P. Archer: That - that pinhead, that lowdown, shockworn Casanova Marquis sent Corliss this box of candy!
Corliss Archer: Daddy says I can't keep it!
Mrs. Janet Archer: Why Harry, why on earth - Kenneth Marquis? Sending candy to Corliss?
Corliss Archer: Well, you see Mom -
Harry P. Archer: Corliss had nothing to do with it. He's trying to irritate me by showing me up as a cheapskate.
Mrs. Janet Archer: Well, if Miss Corliss had nothing to do with Mr. Marquis, I don't think it would hurt if she ate the candy.
Corliss Archer: Look, Mom.
Mrs. Janet Archer: Well, anyway, you can't return it with a piece missing.
Corliss Archer: Oh, Daddy ate that piece. Movie: A Kiss for Corliss [1949] Movie: A Kiss for Corliss [1949] quotes

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