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"Hello. Three years ago, You put a cat to sleep for our family..."
"How many Pets do You have left?"
"There aren't any now."
"Then why did you call in the middle of the night?"
"You see, I have such a strong insomnia..."More [02/09/2020 12:02:24]
"Good morning, graphomaniac!"
"Oh, thank you for reading my morning weekend macabre aphorism!"More [01/26/2020 04:01:23]
"Stop! Why do you drive a KAMAZ truck to the cemetery at night?"
"Let go, uncle policeman! We need to prepare warm breakfasts for the dead! And then they all have gastritis after the Board..."
"Good deed! Pass through, but in the sector where they lie until the 1950s. And remember, baby, what they say on" you can't feed the dead with money..."! Gee-Gee!"More [01/20/2020 12:01:09]
"What will we save on in the coming year?"
"On the fight against plagiarism!"More [01/15/2020 03:01:19]
"Do you know that after the death of academician Dmitry Likhachev, there are aphorists of the level of Dmitry Sergeevich?"
"Yes, we know, we were also on the site on July 24, 2018."
"That's what I mean!"More [01/14/2020 08:01:13]
"Are you really FireMaster Beatty?"
"Holy shit! Br! R!"
"And say something like FireMaster Beatty."
"I congratulate our prolific author A. Yurkin, who for the first time managed to finally connect the topic of the phrase with the picture being placed."
"Wow! And repeat, please!"
"Removed the entry for 04.01.2020. Delete for 04.01.2020. This plagiarism is not detected."
"Wow!"More [01/09/2020 02:01:47]
"The Trouble is, my grandson, came in and to our website."
"What's the trouble, grandfather?"
"Lack of content."
"Grandpa, this is digital vandalism!"
"Don't cry, granddaughter, maybe we can manage."More [01/05/2020 05:01:14]
"Girl, who are you?"
"I am a slave to plagiarism!"More [12/31/2019 05:12:01]
"Tell me, are you a real plagiarist?"
"Holy shit! What can't be seen?"
"Say something plagiaristic."
"Holy shit! On the site this Yurkin again found plagiarism with a citation index of 220! How long can you tolerate this Yurkin? He can ruin the holiday for us plagiarists. So we need to make another demotivator against Yurkin!"
"Wow!"More [12/31/2019 12:12:42]
"Hello! This site"
"Good thing we got through to you. Send a carload of one-day calendars North to us. The advance payment guarantee."
"But listen. We are a site of aphorisms. We don't sell calendars."
"How is that? Yesterday our buyer was on your site. And with my own eyes I saw the product line: "one-Day calendar". Don't fool around. Place an order.More [12/26/2019 12:12:44]

« Page 2 from 21384, showing 11 - 20 from 213831 »

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