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"Where are you going?"
"I went to launder grain money."
"No! Stop it! How dare you! Stop it! You can't! You're wrong!"
"What's all the fuss about? I'm just going to launder the grain as usual. We scribblers, we always have."
"Yes, but you're going to launder it with your money. Is there a way? Remember how we were taught to clean grain on the websites of the surrogate aphorisms?"
"Oh, look, you're absolutely right. That's right. But where can I get other people's money to wash all the grain?"
"That's your problem. And I went on to write network aphorisms."More [10/10/2019 03:10:51]
"Ivanov, what are you doing?"
"I sit and wait for decency."
"Petrov, what are you doing?"
"I sit and wait for justice."
"How? You're the only ones who don't know that judges are raised selfish in a society of money!"
"Really? Just selfish?"
"Are all judges raised in the society of money?"
"Yes, writing about it on the website of the network of aphorisms."More [10/04/2019 04:10:01]
"Hi. Who are you?"
"I'm known as the author of a network of aphorisms from a network resource network aphoristic."
"Ah, I see. As an expert, tell me where you can steal quotes for my thesis with impunity?" (Urmantsev)More [10/02/2019 02:10:42]
To increase manhood, it is enough to take a magnifying glass.(AnnaIsAronova)More [09/26/2019 07:09:14]
Once Nicholas Nonrepeatable and Galina Goebells-Chubaysovoy invited to speak in front of youth audience.
To go from the station Dyatlovo had to speak to the sponsors.
86 Nicholas Nonrepeatable repeated his phrase about mediocrity.
88 times Galina Goebells-Chubaysovoy repeated his phrase about woodpeckers.
We've arrived. Came out in front of the silent youth.
Many times Nicholas Nonrepeatable repeated:
"Repetition is the lot of mediocrity."
Many times Galina Goebells-Chubaysovoy repeated:
"peck the same thing about the same thing is only capable of woodpecker..."
The youth does not respond.
The speakers looked at each other: "and the audience are stupid and do not understand the depth of our great aphorisms. Or Yurkin read too much."
"Don't repeat yourself!", in surprise shouted Nicholas Nonrepeatable.
"Don't repeat yourself", with Moldavanskii enthusiasm shouted Galina Goebells-Chubaysovoy.
And again I had to call the police.More [09/25/2019 07:09:14]
One day Nicholas passed the railway station Mediocre. And it seemed to him that outside of the car the bird, or sits, or flies:
"Woodpecker! Woodpecker! Woodpecker!"
The passengers were alarmed.
So Nicholas, in his usual delicate manner, hastened to reassure colleagues in the shop aphorisms:

"I'm not repeating myself, you bastards! You freaks, I'm not repeating myself!! Freaks from freaks, not repeat myself I!!!"More [09/24/2019 05:09:21]
"Whatchu doin'?
"I envy those who have been cured of envy by the new medicine".More [09/24/2019 01:09:51]
Nikolai bought a ticket to the railway station Dyatlovo. Driven. But on the road remained true to our network fighter with repeatability! Once I passed through Dyatlovo station. Second time. Third. Smiling out the window. Handle waves cottagers. I had to call the cops. What is morality? The railroad is not a work of aphorisms!More [09/22/2019 03:09:48]
At an unsanctioned rally:
"Why are there so many policemen with rubber truncheons?"
"They're not cops. They're not clubs."
"Who's that?" What are they holding?"
"These are veterans with Scandinavian sticks."More [09/22/2019 02:09:39]
I'm not repeating myself!
What kind of relatives are you? Why did you bring this nice man to my reception? About what?
I'm not repeating myself!
Frankly, I'm a fan of your network aphorisms. I like your ion of phrases about banality.
I'm not repeating myself!
Oh, what an interesting case in medicine!More [09/20/2019 12:09:50]

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