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"Look, if you meet him on the streets of Moscow, don't kill him."
"When they die a natural death in bed, hell treats them differently. For all eternity."More [12/24/2019 12:12:42]
"The accused, your last word."
"I plead guilty to one count. The victim was a mangy dog, not worthy of the death of a mangy dog."
"Wah! Acquitted!"More [12/24/2019 12:12:21]
Philosophical anecdote. The twentieth century was either the century of Martin Heidegger and Jurgen Habermas or the era of Michel Foucault and Jurgen Habermas.More [12/15/2019 12:12:45]
How can you solve the problem of censor Hyper-activity of a single representative of Cheburnet on the progressive site of aphorisms?
A fantastic option: the aliens arrive and cope with a network censor, and a schemer.
Realistic option: 90-year-old German philosopher Jurgen Habermas arrives to restore order.More [12/14/2019 02:12:49]
Dialogue between surgeon and anesthesiologist in the corridors of the research Institute of traumatology and orthopedics named After R. R. Vreden:
"Colleague, do you like Mona Lisa?"
"What knee? Right? Or left?"More [11/28/2019 03:11:12]
Sex without love is nothing more than sticking a USB flash drive into a computer connector.More [11/25/2019 07:11:15]
"Sherlock Holmes, you have heard what people think, the attention that the original babies from the sky appeared in the cabbage? So today write on sites with aphorisms."
"And I would, Watson, did not trust this air company not that babies, but also transportation of cabbage Victor weighing more than 8 cat kilograms."More [11/24/2019 01:11:44]
"Mother! You promised, that on a new apartment is a master real estate not will climb in our refrigerator!"
"It's not the landlord."
"Dad! You promised that in the new apartment, the refrigerator will not slurp scary clowns!"
"It's not a clown, baby."
"Yes? But then what kind of gang of scary clowns, vile champing at night at the open refrigerator?"
"It's an advertising Agency working for, baby."More [11/23/2019 01:11:22]
Hello. My name is Anatoly Yurkin.

Among the activists and visitors of the site I'm doing a survey. Who does the activist "(Galu Galina) " hate more: oligarch Alisher Usmanov or his wife Irina Viner?

The answer "Envies all wives of all Uzbeks" gives +1 point.
The answer "Envies all wives whose husbands buy fur coats" gives +2 points.More [11/22/2019 12:11:57]
"Honey, my eyes hurt from the new monitor. Bring some eye drops. Drip to me."

"What are you, hubby? Not reading Wait. Blood delivery service promises one and a half liters of fresh blood. Bring, then we will bury... (drop by drop) the blood of enemies."More [11/19/2019 03:11:46]

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Anatoly Yurkin Thinking is the art of alienation. (Anatoly Yurkin) [12/24/2019 05:12:36] More

Anatoly Yurkin The economy and society are nothing more than a system of superstructures over the phenomenon of alienation. (Anatoly Yurkin) [12/22/2019 04:12:19] More

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