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Johnny Depp got 15 million bucks for living with a crazy hysteric beach. But I'm do it for free!More [06/22/2022 01:06:27]
- What is your favorite position in bed?
- When I lie down and nothing disturbs me.More [06/22/2022 01:06:44]
Putin announced the creation of weapons based on new physical principles: he presses a button - Biden stumbles, he presses another - Biden falls off his bike. True, the debugging of weapons is not quite finished yet, so Biden falls off the bike regardless of the buttons being pressed ..More [06/22/2022 01:06:43]
The commander of the German Air Force said: "NATO should prepare for the fact that the alliance will have to USE nuclear weapons against Russia." But he did not say about the fact that NATO should prepare for PROTECTION from Russia's nuclear weapons.More [06/22/2022 11:06:01]
This policy is amazing: a Jew can manage a fascist state, but a fascist cannot run a Jewish one.More [06/22/2022 11:06:35]
Do you know that according to international law, Americans can lie, but Russians cannot?More [06/22/2022 11:06:02]
- You know, scientists have discovered an object that rushes through space at a speed of 2 million kilometers per hour!
- It's inflation.More [06/22/2022 10:06:04]
Just a thousand years, and now Moscow will never again trust the West!More [06/22/2022 10:06:30]
Anything you say will be used against you in contextual advertising.More [06/22/2022 10:06:49]
A quickly raised Biden is not considered to have fallen.More [06/22/2022 10:06:52]

« Page 2 from 21384, showing 11 - 20 from 213831 »

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Author Unknown Know your worth and be in demand! [06/18/2022 03:06:22] More

Peter Navarro No one should be surprised just because somebody isn't successful 100 percent of the time. [06/08/2022 10:06:05] More

Author Unknown When everyone around is to blame, you need to look for a mirror. [06/12/2022 09:06:56] More

Vladislav Bozhidai The longer you visit the fairy tale, the more painful the return home... [05/31/2022 02:05:33] More

Peter Navarro If you've been to China, you know there are over 100 cities in China, and the pollution levels are just horrific - 60,000 people a year die in Chinese factories and facilities, because they don't have any safety regulations. It's a carnage; it's Dickensian. [06/08/2022 10:06:14] More