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It is known that rats are the first to flee the ship ...
I did not understand, but where do they run in the middle of the ocean?More [09/21/2022 10:09:39]
A White House press secretary said that Joe Biden eats with appetite, sleeps well and goes to the toilet by himself - that is, he is fully qualified to serve as president of the United States.More [09/21/2022 09:09:39]
- How to distinguish Russians from Ukrainians in Europe, because they all speak Russian?
- Ukrainians are also constantly fighting among themselves because of the Russian language.More [09/21/2022 09:09:37]
An amazing paradox: Ukraine has not yet joined NATO, and NATO has already entered Ukraine...More [09/16/2022 04:09:00]
The details of the Ice Hockey World Cup have become known. The Russian national team will be allowed only when it is colder indoors than on open ice.More [09/16/2022 11:09:19]
From the life of the last President of the United States:

Biden's advisers do not recommend him to meet on the sidelines of any summits due to the fact that their boss can simply get lost.

Leaving the restroom, Biden first greets with toilet paper, and after being prompted by an assistant outside, finds a handle on the door.

Biden cannot get through to Iran, because after the last reservation, the assistant, in order to avoid misunderstandings, all the time connects him with Zelensky.

Biden estimated one to two hundred and converted the savings into rubles, because two hundred is more than one, even if the exchange rate is less.

Hunter Biden admires his father because he can't catch up with him even after the fourth track.

The US Congress approved a budget of a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine after Biden argued it was "ah-ah-ah-ah."More [09/16/2022 11:09:35]
Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin was ready to answer questions from Americans on the Direct Line about the “Putin fuel tax”, inflation in the United States, and who he chose to succeed Joe Biden.More [09/16/2022 11:09:10]
- Madame, do you speak Italian?
- Yes!
- Say something?
- Spaghetti.More [09/14/2022 11:09:44]
Charles I - revolution, civil war, captivity, beheading.
Charles II - plague, Great Fire of London, defeat in the war with Holland.
Charles III - Prime Minister Liz Truss, economic and energy crisis. An intriguing start...More [09/14/2022 11:09:56]
Biden called the new king of Great Britain, Charles III. They discussed the most effective methods of combating rheumatism, dementia and sclerosis.More [09/14/2022 11:09:03]

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Vasiliy Lukashik A woman usually looks at a man from head to toe, and he looks at her from toe to the head. [09/07/2022 10:09:29] More

Author Unknown Few people are happier than a cat who just stole a cutlet. [09/07/2022 12:09:24] More

Author Unknown A woman is able not only to bandage a wound, but also to inflict it. [09/19/2022 07:09:04] More

Unknown Author At some point, every man has to choose between making fun of astrology and having sex. [09/02/2022 11:09:56] More

Yuri Tatarkin Even when a woman seems to want nothing, she wants to want something. [09/08/2022 10:09:04] More