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My wife threw white linen into the washing machine, I thought it was racism and added black shorts!More [06/20/2020 12:06:54]
When will the thin ones apologize to the thick ones?More [06/20/2020 12:06:00]
- Do you know what black tea is called in America?
- How?
- Not green.More [06/19/2020 08:06:39]
The mayor of London has reduced his salary.
The virus has not yet given such complications in Russia.More [06/19/2020 08:06:09]
What the hell is there in the swamps, Barrymore?
People who have never been slaves demand an apology from people who have never been slaves, sir.More [06/17/2020 11:06:38]
During the voyage, the expedition of Amerigo Vespucci captured two hundred Indians as slaves. People, anyone, spread this information in Seattle. And then tired of hearing about America, let it be called somehow differently.More [06/16/2020 08:06:11]
In the morning I woke up, I feel that Im guilty, I really dont know why, I will wait until my wife wakes up and clarifies this issue.More [06/15/2020 09:06:31]
Wash black underwear separately from white is now somehow uncomfortable. Do I have to kneel in front of a black sock, washing it separately from white, and how will socks of other colors look at it? So many questions and so few answers ...More [06/15/2020 09:06:40]
Elon Musk has established a company that will produce innovative masks that do not allow viruses, they are comfortable to walk and easy to breathe. The company is called "Mask from Musk"

#ElonMusk #MuskMore [06/03/2020 12:06:33]
Rogozin put on a mask before going out into the street.
Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he thought bitterly: "How I hate you Musk!"More [06/03/2020 12:06:53]

« Page 2 from 21384, showing 11 - 20 from 213831 »

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Aleksandr Grachev When a woman is sawed on stage - this is the trick, when a wife is sawed at home by her husband - this is life. [07/05/2020 11:07:11] More

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Ivan Aivazovsky All these successes in the world are nonsense, they make me happy for a minute and only, and most importantly my happiness is success in improvement. [06/28/2020 10:06:48] More

Elon Musk Technically, alcohol is a solution [07/05/2020 11:07:28] More

Valerijj Krasovskijj . [07/01/2020 09:07:54] More