Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin
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The leader of china calls Obama and says: "Hey man, we havn't had a good fight in a while, how about we see who has the best army?"
To which Obama said: "Look pal, you know me, we never say no to a big show down but we have so much on our plate right now. The election, the syrian crysis, superbowl...how about you come back in a couple of years? Or better yet, call Russia!"

The chinese leader hung up the phone and called Putin right away. After he politely asked if he could invade Russia Putin replied: "It sounds like it would be a worthy challenge for mother Russia but we are currently fighting in Syria so unless you would like to go all the way over there then I'm afraid that we have to pass."

The great leader was just about to hang up when Putin added: "You know what though? There is a country that you might not even have heard of but those who have been foolish enough to have fought with them and by some miracle survived can tell you that they will never back down from a fight, call...the swedes [or insert the nationality of the person that you are telling the joke to here]."

Naturally the leader called the prime minister of Sweden and said "Listen, we have heard about how strong your warriors are and so we have decided to declare war upon you to see once and for all who has the greater army."

The prime minister was obviously suprised to recieve such a phone call but he soon replied: "Oh I see, interesting...tell me...how many are you?

With pride, the great leader aswered: "I have a billion soldiers awaiting my command!"

"Oh shit...wait a minute, I have to check with some of my ministers to see what they think about this...you said a billion with a "b" right?"

"Yes" said the great leader smiling.

After a couple of minutes the prime minister returned to the phone and said with great dissapointment: "Hi again, sorry for keeping you waiting but it is exactly as I thought...we would love to fight you guys but we have no idea where we would burry all of you!"
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