"Look, Holmes, what are they doing on aphorism.ru This one lays out aphorisms. And the other likes to do and questioning demotivators. You will not believe, for free! Oh, the Russians!" "You are a naive man, Dr. Watson. Professor Moriarty has specially created a website of aphorisms for his insidious accomplices to feed themselves!"(Mrs. Hudson hears Watson faint on the carpet.) (Based on comments for 23 October 2019)
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Eugene Ryabyi The heartless people leave the most painful wounds on the heart. [05/19/2020 05:05:09] More

Eugene Ryabyi The evolution is cruel and inhuman sifting of weak individuals through the sieve of death. [05/15/2020 09:05:26] More

Anatoly Yurkin Avatar autonomy. (Anatoly Yurkin) [05/03/2020 02:05:21] More

Mark Devolt "You begin to understand the psychology of a person not when you ask him questions, and get the expected answers from him but precisely when he himself says what he thinks."

Mark Devolt [05/15/2020 03:05:46] More

Anatoly Yurkin Atheism is a religion of self-isolation. (Anatoly Yurkin) [05/04/2020 10:05:14] More