Samuel 1

Quote: Through thick and thin. [Samuel 1]

Quote: To swallow gudgeons ere they're catch'd.
And count their chickens ere they're hatch'd.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: He ne'er consider'd it as loth
To look a gift-horse in the mouth,
And very wisely would lay forth
No more upon it than 'twas worth;
But as he got it freely, so
He spent it frank and freely too:
For saints themselves will sometimes be,
Of gifts that cost them nothing, free.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: Authority intoxicates,
And makes mere sots of magistrates;
The fumes of it invade the brain,
And make men giddy, proud, and vain.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: He who rules by moral force is like the pole star, which remains
in place while all the lesser stars do homage to it.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: Authority is never without hate. [Samuel 1]

Quote: And wisely tell what hour o' th' day
The clock does strike by Algebra.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: In mathematics he was greater
Than Tycho Brahe, or Erra Pater;
For he, by geometric scale,
Could take the size of pots of ale.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: For brevity is very good,
Where we are, or are not understood.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: He who does not make his words rather serve to conceal than
discover the sense of his heart deserves to have it pulled out
like a traitor's and shown publicly to the rabble.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: Your pettifoggers damn their souls,
To share with knaves in cheating fools.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: Is not the winding up witnesses,
And nicking, more than half the bus'ness?
For witnesses, like watches, go
Just as they're set, too fast or slow;
And where in Conscience they're strait-lac'd,
'Tis ten to one that side is cast.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: He knew what's what, and that's as high
As metaphysic wit can fly.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: Deep sighted in intelligence,
Ideas, atoms, influences.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: Nor do I know what is become
Of him, more than the Pope of Rome.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: He knew whats'ever 's to be known,
But much more than he knew would own.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: Some have been beaten till they know
What wood a cudgel's of by th' blow:
Some kick'd until they can feel whether
A shoe be Spanish or neat's leather.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: For rhyme the rudder is of verses,
With which, like ships, they steer their courses.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: Some force whole regions, in despite
O' geography, to change their site;
Make former times shake hands with latter,
And that which was before come after;
But those that write in rhyme still make
The one verse for the other's sake;
For one for sense, and one for rhyme,
I think's sufficient at one time.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: He that will win his dame must do
As love does when he draws his bow;
With one hand thrust the lady from,
And with the other pull her home.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: She that with poetry is won,
Is but a desk to write upon;
And what men say of her they mean
No more than on the thing they lean.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: For now the field is not far off
Where we must give the world a proof
Of deeds, not words.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: Why should not Conscience have vacation
As well as other Courts o' th' nation?
Have equal power to adjourn,
Appoint appearance and return?
[Samuel 1]

Quote: Where entity and quiddity,
The ghosts of defunct bodies, fly.
[Samuel 1]

Quote: Like feather-bed betwixt a wall
And heavy brunt of cannon ball.
[Samuel 1]

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