Olaf Scholz

Quote: As for the issue of this gas pipeline, the construction of which has been completed, the point is that now everyone should take care that guarantees related to operation are accepted. These guarantees include that Ukraine will remain a transit country, that we are convinced that gas supplies do not threaten some countries in Eastern Europe from Russia [Olaf Scholz]

Quote: Such sanctions are a serious interference in the internal affairs of Germany and Europe and their sovereignty. We categorically reject this. [Olaf Scholz]

Quote: Russia and other countries must recognize that European integration will continue. We don't want to go back to the political world of the 17th, 18th or 19th centuries, when powers like Russia, Germany, France and England were shaping politics among themselves. If we want to ensure joint security in Europe, then the cooperation of the European Union and Russia will be required. [Olaf Scholz]

Quote: Of course, it would be better if Russia had laws and rules like in our country. But this is a state in which one cannot feel safe. [Olaf Scholz]

Quote: Do not believe those who say that after the coronavirus everything will return to normal and everything will be as before. They are wrong. [Olaf Scholz]

Quote: The German government has always been open to dialogue with the Russian government and in recent years there have been many meetings and conversations, so I will rather speak about the future. [Olaf Scholz]

Quote: It's a harsh word... But it's wrong [Olaf Scholz]

Quote: If the resolutions adopted by the parliament today become a reality, this, of course, will mean a violation of the Minsk agreements ... Then the process will be interrupted and completed, and this would be a political disaster [Olaf Scholz]

Quote: A rather peculiar situation arose here, because it is not at all on the agenda, and everyone knows this very well. This is not a topic that we will have to deal with in our posts while we are in them. (Turning to Putin) I don't know how long the president is going to stay in office, I have a feeling, anyway, that it can last a long time, but not forever [Olaf Scholz]

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