Quote: A good man should be in moderation. [ ]

Quote: Talent is inexcusable - originality is punishable. [ ]

Quote: Symmetry is the illusion of perfection. [ ]

Quote: Rare person does not violate the rule, if he believe that he is not punished. [ ]

Quote: Equality and fraternity is possible only in Paradise. [ ]

Quote: There are people who live; there are those who cling to life; and there are still those for whom clings to life. [ ]

Quote: There is a woman in a "pearl", and there is a woman, in which the "Raisin, sir!". [ ]

Quote: Communism and socialism - the same "bait" by different names. [ ]

Quote: If women really were weak - men would not have to play on their weaknesses. [ ]

Quote: A particle of the infinite is infinity. [ ]

Quote: Perjury begins when man claims what he is not sure. [ ]

Quote: Old age is not wisdom or weakness ... You realize that age, when you see how getting older all the things you love or loved. [ ]

Quote: We all deserve better, just not all live with it. [ ]

Quote: Paganism and superficially attractive, Christianity is deeply frightening. [ ]

Quote: Normal - does not mean perfect. [ ]

Quote: Even the funniest dog cannot be a toy. [ ]

Quote: Honest people do not make surprises. [ ]

Quote: Conscience comes "before" and "after" comes guilt. [ ]

Quote: You have no right to teach people the Bible, if it is not based on his life. [ ]

Quote: A bad life is still better than death, but death is better than life without prospects. [ ]

Quote: When passers-by on the street ask me for a cigarette, I am glad that I do not have to lie to them out of pity. [ ]

Quote: In the old days, they taught children that supposedly, the teacher is always right. In my time, they taught their children that the teacher sometimes is dangerous. [ ]

Quote: Calling another person is a big responsibility. [ ]

Quote: Time says the mouth of the child. [ ]

Quote: Innocent people is strangers. [ ]

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