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Zusak, Markus Astraliysky writer
Zuse, Konrad German inventor, one of the founders of modern computing. Best known as the creator of the first programmable (and Turing complete) computer in the world.
Zuzhou, Zuoxiao
Zverev, Yury
Zvyagintsev, Andrey director
Zwanzig, Carl
Zwart, Harald
Zwart, Piet
Zweibel, Alan
Zweig, Stefan Austrian writer
Zweig, Martin
Zweig, Connie
Zwemer, Samuel
Zwerin, Mike
Zwick, Edward is an American filmmaker and film producer noted for his sprawling war films
Zwick, W.
Zwicky, Fritz was a Swiss astronomer
Zwicky, Elizabeth
Zwigoff, Terry Director of Ghost World (2000)
Zwilich, Ellen American composer
Zwilling, Martin
Zwinger, Ann
Zwingli, Huldrych
Zworykin, Vladimir Russian-American inventor, engineer.
Zygmund, Antoni

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