Dmitry Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev

The prime minister of the Russian Federation
We have taken a new and very powerful step on the path to forming a Eurasian Economic Union -- a union that without a doubt will determine the future of our countriesMore Dmitry Medvedev quotes [12/12/2011 02:12:12]
If we do not step up the level of activity of our work [in the Russian Far East], then in the final analysis we can lose everythingMore Dmitry Medvedev quotes [12/14/2011 09:12:10]
Concerning this issue, we have agreed to continue searching for the possible solutions, taking into account that our [Russian and U.S.] positions are still far away from each otherMore Dmitry Medvedev quotes [12/13/2011 02:12:43]
We will step up support for the non-commodity export sector, working more closely with potential buyers of Russian goods. We do have something to offer in the IT sphere, the nuclear power industry, aircraft manufacturing, the aerospace industry and a number of other sectorsMore Dmitry Medvedev quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
Dmitry Medvedev and Serzh Sargsyan are expected to discuss a broad variety of key issues in the bilateral cooperation, perspectives for the further development of the political dialogue and trade and economic cooperation as well as top issues on the international agendaMore Dmitry Medvedev quotes [12/13/2011 02:12:04]
In the beginning were the watch of the Patriarch. Then there were the watch of Peskov and the wedding on the expensive yacht. Then there was the plane and the dogs of Shuvalov, the yacht of Sechin and a billion Roldugin. Then there was Medvedev's duck. And now, there was the wedding of Khakhaleva. All this was ...
But, none of them, get nothing for what!More Jokes about Dmitry Medvedev [07/25/2017 11:07:19]

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