Romola Garai

Romola Garai

I've worked with actors who tell everyone what to do in the scene - that makes me go pretty atomic.More Romola Garai quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
If you read reviews that you think by their very nature are not respectful of the actresses involved or not appreciating the work as it should be, I think you should write to reviewers or comment and say, "Are you kidding me?"More Romola Garai quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
Postwar Europe was morally stagnant, and there was a lot of neo-conservatism.More Romola Garai quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
If I have to spend prolonged periods of time in a trailer, I go mad. Stuck in a metal box doing nothing, I lie there paralysed with boredom.More Romola Garai quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I have always been interested in gender politics, so I'm not that keen on doing things that don't represent a truth about women.More Romola Garai quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]

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