Julia Baranovskaya

Julia Baranovskaya

TV presenter
Sometimes in order to find your place, you have to look for it.More Julia Baranovskaya quotes [08/13/2020 05:08:07]
The old does not allow the new to break through. Interferes with life. There must always be an inflow, so as not to turn into a swamp.More Julia Baranovskaya quotes [08/13/2020 05:08:17]
If you have acted badly with someone, then life will unfold in such a way that you will certainly meet the offended on your way.More Julia Baranovskaya quotes [08/13/2020 05:08:45]
No matter how many scenarios you write, life will still make its own adjustments.More Julia Baranovskaya quotes [08/13/2020 05:08:51]
And who can offend? So much - only a loved one.More Julia Baranovskaya quotes [08/13/2020 05:08:57]

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