Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield

Appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in which he made the normally stone-faced host laugh (1963)
Rodney "No Respect" Dangerfield began his career at the age of 15 when he started writing jokes. At 17 he started performing at amateur nights. At 19 he had two jobs, one as a comic who couldn't make a living, and the other as a singing waiter. Rodney would sing and people threw money at him. He traveled the comedy circuit for ten years but reluctantly gave up showbiz for a more stable income. It wasn't until the age of 40 that Dangerfield made the decision to relaunch his career as a performer and comedy writer for the second time. He spent his days in a business office and his nights working in New York clubs. Not satisfied, Rodney opened his own club, the now famous Dangerfield's on First Avenue in Manhattan. The club was a huge success and so was Rodney. Rodney introduced many of today's comedy stars to television for the first time on his HBO shows which emanated from Dangerfield's, such as Tim Allen, Roseanne Barr, Jim Carrey, Jeff Foxworthy, Sam Kinison, Bob Saget, Jerry Seinfeld, Rita Rudner, Robert Townsend, Louie Anderson and others. Rodney Dangerfield's feature film credits include starring the classic hit comedy CADDYSHACK, as well as EASY MONEY which he co-wrote, the mega-hit BACK TO SCHOOL (one of the first comedys to gross over $100 million), and Paramount's LADYBUGS. In contrast to his comedy roles, Rodney accepted a dramatic role offered to him by Oliver Stone for NATURAL BORN KILLERS. Critics praised his realistic portrayal as the "Father From Hell." Dangerfield also took an interest in working behind the scenes. He produced the animated feature musical ROVER DANGERFIELD for Warner Bros. Rodney not only provided the voice for Rover, but he also wrote the screenplay, co-composed the songs and served as Executive Producer. In 1997 Dangerfield starred in and co-wrote MEET WALLY SPARKS, a slapstick comedy romp featuring Cindy Williams, Burt Reynolds, David Ogden Steirs, Michael Bolton, and Tony Danza. That same year, he also appeared in Steven Spielberg's CASPER and also starred in THE GODSON with Dom Deluise. Another film Dangerfield co-wrote, MY 5 WIVES, is an outrageous comedy where Rodney plays a polygamist. (In real life, Rodney is married to Joan Child, owner of Jungle Roses, a national floral distribution company. They have been married since 1993. Rodney has two children from a previous marriage, Brian and Melanie, and recently became a grandfather for the first time.) Andrew Dice Clay, Jon Byner, Jerry Stiller. Molly Shannon, Brandy Ledford and John Pinette also starred in the film which was released in 2000. The following year Dangerfield was thrilled to appear as Lucifer in his friend Adam Sandler's film, LITTLE NICKY. Dangerfield later starred in an unusual love story which he co-wrote with Director Harry Basil called THE 4th TENOR. The favorably-reviewed movie also featured Robert Davi (who Rodney slaps around), Dom Irerra, Charles Fleischer, Annabelle Gurwitch and the lovely opera singer Anita deSimone. This movie was released on Dangerfield's 81st birthday, November 22, 2002. There is another movie co-written by Dangerfield due for release later this year. It is a prison comedy called BACK BY MIDNIGHT and also stars Kirsty Alley, Paul Rodriguez, Marty Belafsky, Randy Quaid, Joe Nipote, Louie Anderson and Harland Williams. Rodney plays the warden. Michael Bolton makes a surprise cameo appearance. Besides being a Las Vegas headliner for over 20 years, Dangerfield has also made countless appearances on talk and television variety shows. His first big break was The Ed Sullivan Show which he did 16 times. Rodney also appeared on This Is Your Life, What's My Line, "The Dean Martin Show", Saturday Night Live, and a record 70 times on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Recently, Rodney has appeared on Mad T.V., Suddenly Susan, LateNight with Conan O' Brien, The Single Guy, Home Improvement, The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Pioneering new territory in cyberspace, Rodney was the first entertainer to personally own a Website on the Internet. Launched in February 1995, his state-of-the-art site has won numerous awards and distinctions as one of the most popular destinations on the World Wide Web and can be found at Dangerfield has bravely faced some health challenges in recent years. He jokes he's been cut up in so many places he feels like he's back in his old neighborhood. Now he has fully recovered from two aneursym surgeries, heart surgery and brain bypass surgery. He is tan and fit and ready to rule. He begins filming THREE'S A CROWD, a romantic comedy due for release in 2004. Rodney's long-awaited autobiography will be published by HarperCollins in time for Father's Day 2004. His self-penned memoir entitled "It's Not Easy Bein' Me" lays out his "lifetime of no respect, but plenty of sex and drugs." Did anyone know that Rodney Dangerfield can sing? He has a new album of love songs called ROMEO RODNEY which will be released through Ark21 Records on Valentine's Day 2004. Dangerfield's contributions to the world of comedy have not been overlooked. In 1981, Dangerfield won a Grammy Award for his comedy album named No Respect and was the recipient of the Lifetime Creative Achievement Award from the 1994 American Comedy Awards. Rodney's famous trademark white shirt and red tie are on permanent display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C......Aaahhh....respect at last. Source: 
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