Lynn Abbey

Lynn Abbey

American computer programmer and author.
Nothing is too obscure for my interest. You just never know when some quirk of science or history is going to prove useful.More Lynn Abbey quotes [09/06/2007 12:09:00]
I wish I knew how to imagine a short story, because I rather like the form, but they're too time-consuming for me to write on a regular basis.More Lynn Abbey quotes [09/06/2007 12:09:00]
I've thought about writing in other genres, but my imagination just doesn't seem to lead me in other directions.More Lynn Abbey quotes [09/06/2007 12:09:00]
Ideas aren't magical; the only tricky part is holding on to one long enough to get it written down.More Lynn Abbey quotes [09/06/2007 12:09:00]
I write sets of books, but I've also written a lot of orphans.More Lynn Abbey quotes [09/06/2007 12:09:00]

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