Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom

His role as Legolas in 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy
Background: "Basically, I can say I'm acting because of the women." Women worldwide are thrilled Orlando Bloom feels this way. 5' 11",brown-eyed and viewed as one of the hottest, sexiest, most sought out young stars in film today, Orlando Bloom first crashed into fan'shearts with his role as Legolas Greenleaf, the bow and arrow elf warrior of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Not only handsome, Orlandois sensitive and tough. During the filming of the trilogy, he performed most of his own stunt work and actually broke a rib after afall from his horse."I'm rather accident-prone, I have to admit. I've broken my back, my ribs, my nose, both my legs, my arm, my wrist, my finger anda toe and I've cracked my skull three times."He's marked with a tattoo on his forearm (a Elvish symbol) in remembrance of the Lord of the Ring movies, and admits he likes nice,sweet girls and feel women are beautiful."Women are beautiful. They deserve to be cherished and respected. They're a handful."Orlando has also trained in the arts and can act.All of these attributes and talents will likely never be forgotten byBloom's fans.(On being part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy) "I feel privileged,and I feel blessed to be a part of this project. I loved the movie. I've seen it a couple of times now, and I just feel so proud of it. Ifeel like if I do nothing else, at least I've done Lord of the Rings."A Star Is BornChildhood and Family: British Orlando Bloom was born on January 13, 1977 in Canterbury, England to parents Harry and Sonya Bloom. His father, a well-knowSouth African lawyer, writer and civil rights activist, died of a stroke when Orlando was just four years old.Orlando's mother continued to raise both he and his sister, Samantha,with the help of a family friend by the name of Colin Stone. When Orlando was 13, his mother shared with him the fact that Colin wasactually his biological father, not Harry Bloom."When my father (Harry) died, Colin Stone was made my guardian. He was always a close family friend but I always thought Harry was mybiological father. I found out that Colin was my father, not Harry, but Colin." - Orlando BloomGetting an education was a struggle for Orlando due to the fact hesuffers from dyslexia (although the condition is less severe for him as an adult). He attended St. Edmunds School in Canterbury and joinedthe National Youth Theatre, in London, at age 16. There he earned a scholarship to attend the British American Drama Academy and landedsmall parts in British television shows and in the movie, Wilde.Orlando continued his love of the arts by attending the GuildhallSchool of Music and Drama. While he was there, Orlando fell three stories from a rooftop and suffered from a broken back. Despite fearsthat he would be permanently paralyzed, Orlando recovered from his injuries.While attending the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Orlando wasnoticed by Director Peter Jackson, who encouraged him to audition for a set of movies Jackson was working on. It was this character, theelf-warrior Legolas, from the blockbuster film Lord of the Rings, that propelled Orlando to instant stardom.Legends and FameCareer: Long before Orlando Bloom reached stardom with his role as Legolas in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, he acted in plays, TV shows (primarilyBritish) and commercials. His serious, fearless character Legolas Greenleaf in the 2001, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of theRing movie brilliantly showcased a remarkable character (along with other brilliant characters) and rocketed a young talent to instantfame.After a smaller role in the movie Black Hawk Down (2001) and doingthe voice for Legolas in the animated version of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Orlando returned in his role in The Lord of theRings: The Two Towers. In 2003 Orlando played Joe Byrne in the drama Ned Kelly, also starring Heath Ledger.In 2003, Orlando found himself acting beside one of his own favoriteactors, Johnny Depp, in the successful pirate adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. His fame continued toreach the highest of heights with the third release of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003).A small role in the forgettable The Calcium Kid (2004) soon followed.In 2004 another successful film debuted. The epic Troy cast, including Brad Pitt, Brian Cox, Julian Glover and Orlando Bloom, hitthe screens in full Grecian glory. The movie Haven (2004), cast Orlando as British native Shy.Fans can also look forward to seeing Orlando in the upcoming films:Kingdom of Heaven (2005), Elizabethtown (2005) and the highly anticipated Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (2006).Awards: Empire Film Awards: Best Debut Performance, LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OFTHE RINGS (2004) Screen Actors Guild Awards: Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a MotionPicture, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (2004) Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards: Best Acting Ensemble, THE LORD OF THERINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (2004) National Board of Review: Best Ensemble Performance, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THERETURN OF THE KING (2003) Hollywood Film Festival: Breakthrough Acting Award (2003) MTV Movie Awards: Best Breakthrough Performance, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THEFELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS (2002)
I came back out here from England and I was there for a while and it was beautiful and it is just great to see London going from Spring to Summer and Autumn.More Orlando Bloom quotes [10/17/2011 01:10:53]
He's kind of that guy who's caught up in success, ... He's the hot shot at work, obsessed with the new car or whatever it may be.More Orlando Bloom quotes [05/26/2006 12:05:00]
A big part of what I wanted to do with this character was go from when I was a boy and try and develop into a man, really try and play him as a man who is on this search, on a journey of personal, spiritual, political, social discovery.More Orlando Bloom quotes [10/17/2011 01:10:11]
I love it. I hate that word (fatherhood), but I love being a father; it's changed everything in so many ways.More Orlando Bloom quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I missed my home - like the physicality of my home, I missed my friends and my family mostly and just hanging out and being in your home country - culturally it feels right and that is what I miss.More Orlando Bloom quotes [10/17/2011 01:10:16]

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