Dyan Cannon

Dyan Cannon

The Bible says, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.More Dyan Cannon quotes [08/16/2006 12:08:00]
I don't think any of this would have happened to me had I not been placed in the situation I was placed in at home.More Dyan Cannon quotes [08/16/2006 12:08:00]
I saw that it was unfair to expect a man to make me happy. I couldn't make a man happy. I tried. And it wasn't working.More Dyan Cannon quotes [08/16/2006 12:08:00]
I've even seen people who didn't believe get healed. I think when you get desperate enough and you've tried everything and nothing has worked, you turn to the big guy.More Dyan Cannon quotes [08/16/2006 12:08:00]
I used crutches before I came to God's love, like dope, and men, and drugs and whatever it would I thought would give me peace.More Dyan Cannon quotes [08/16/2006 12:08:00]

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