Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Her role as Penny Lane in 'Almost Famous' (2000)
Background:California native Kate Hudson attracted the attention of the public when she was cast as na´ve Cindy, opposite popular actors Jay Mohr, Ben Affleck, Paul Rudd, and Courtney Love, in the comedy film 200 Cigarettes (1999). In 2000, Kate was launched to stardom after her portrayal as rock groupie Penny Lane in Cameron Crowe's autobiographical film Almost Famous (2000). Because of her bravura performance, she was highly praised with the Phoenix Film Critics Society, Broadcast Film Critics Association, Florida Film Critics Circle, the Golden Satellite, Las Vegas Film Critics and the Online Film Critics Society in 2000. Moreover, Kate won a Golden Globe and a Blockbuster Entertainment award in 2001 as well as received an Oscar nomination for her role.Kate is also well remembered for playing roles in the movies Dr. T and the Women (2000, directed by Robert Altman), starring Richard Gere Helen Hunt, Farrah Fawcett and Liv Tyler, The Four Feathers (2002) with Wes Bentley and Heath Ledger, the box office hit How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) opposite Matthew McConaughey, Le Divorce (2003), together with Naomi Watts, Stockard Channing and Bebe Neuworth, and the family comedy Raising Helen (2004), opposite John Cusack, John Corbett and Helen Mirren. Fans will soon see Kate in the horror flick The Skeleton Key (2005), Can You Keep a Secret? (2005) and I Dream of Jeannie (2006).Off screen, 5' 6" inches tall Kate was listed as one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in 2000, the 51st of Stuff Magazine's 102 Sexiest Women In The World in 2002, the 99th of Premiere's Power 100 List in 2003 and once voted as the 38th of VH1's 100 Hottest Hotties. As for her romantic life, Kate, who has three dogs named Clara (a Pomeranian), Doctor (an English bulldog), and Bella (a Neapolitan mastiff), reportedly dated actor Eli Craig, musician Lenny Kravitz and hockey player Eric Lindros. She is currently the wife of musician Chris Robinson (married December 31, 2000) and the mother of son Ryder Russell Robinson (born January 7, 2004).KatieChildhood and Family:Daughter to musician and comedian Bill Hudson (born on October 17, 1949) and Oscar winning actress Goldie Hawn (born on November 21, 1945), Kate Garry Hudson was born on April 19, 1979, in Los Angeles, California. When she was a baby, Kate's father divorced her mother to marry actress Cindy Williams. Along with three brothers, actor Oliver Hudson (born 1976, father Bill), Boston Russell (born 1980; son of Kurt Russell from his previous marriage) and actor Wyatt Russell (born July 10, 1986; father Russell), Kate grew up under the guidance of her mother and Goldie's longtime partner, actor Kurt Russell. As a result, Kate considers Russell her true 'Pa.'Intent on following in her mother's footsteps, Kate Hudson, whose nickname is Katie, was interested in acting as a young girl. When she was seven, Kate got her first taste of the camera as Goldie's daughter in Wildcats (1986). As a child, Kate also developed her love for singing and dancing.Kate, who shared the same high school with NBA Super Star Baron Davis, attended the Crossroads School of Arts and Sciences. Upon graduation in 1997, she opted to try her hand in acting rather than furthering her studies at NYU's Tisch School of Drama. Instead of using her family as a vehicle to gain popularity, Kate found herself an agent and started going through the required auditions. In 1996, she eventually made her debut on television. A year later, Kate added modeling to her endeavors and once modeled for Tommy Jeans.As for her private life, Kate became engaged to Black Crowes' lead singer Christopher Mark Robinson (born in 1966) in August 2000. The couple decided to tie the knot on New Year's Eve on December 31, 2000, in Aspen, Colorado. Kate is the mother of son Ryder Russell Robinson (born January 7, 2004). During her off time, the big fan of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan enjoys playing guitar, piano, writing music, arts & crafts and practicing yoga.The Skeleton KeyCareer:First appearing with her mother (Goldie Hawn) in 1986's Wildcats when she was seven, Kate Hudson, who once modeled for a Tommy Jeans ad campaign, eventually debuted on TV when she landed a role in the Fox hit series Party of Five (1996). Her character was written out of the show after only one episode.After another guest role, this time in EZ Streets (1997), Hudson made her move to the big screen by playing character Lorna in the movie Ricochet River (1998) and was seen as an ambitious young girl named Skye Davidson, who is trapped in a tiny California town, in Desert Blue (1998), opposite fellow rising young actors Christina Ricci, Casey Affleck, and Brendan Sexton III.In 1999, the young actress began to draw people's attention when she was cast as spoiled Cindy in the comedy film 200 Cigarettes (1999). Despite the cast of Ben Affleck, Paul Rudd, and Courtney Love, the film gained mixed reviews from critics, but Kate's performance received phrase.Entering the new millennium, Kate starred in the independent film, opposite Stuart Townsend, the Irish comedy About Adam (2000) before landing a starring role as affluent, virginal college student Naomi Preston, alongside fellow up-and-coming actor Joshua Jackson and James Marsden, in the psychological thriller Gossip (2000/I).Kate's breakthrough finally came when she won a supporting role as Penny Lane, a rock groupie, in the Cameron Crowe autobiographical film Almost Famous (2000). Formerly cast in a smaller role as William's sister, Kate received the part pf Penny after another young actress, Sarah Polley, backed out to pursue another project. Her outstanding performance in the film captured the attention of both audiences and critics alike. As a result, Kate won many awards, including an award from the Phoenix Film Critics Society, a Broadcast Film Critics Association for Breakthrough Performance, Florida's Film Critics Circle for Best Newcomer, a Golden Satellite for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy), a Las Vegas Film Critics for Best Supporting Actress as well as an Online Film Critics Society award for Best Supporting Actress in 2000. Additionally, she was garnered with a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress, a Blockbuster Entertainment for Favorite Female - Newcomer in 2001 and received a nomination at the Oscars. Through her large success, Kate was launched toward stardom.Kate next teamed up with Richard Gere, Helen Hunt, Farrah Fawcett and good friend Liv Tyler in Robert Altman's Dr. T and the Women (2000) before playing an unaccredited part in The Cutting Room (2001). After a break to get married, Kate returned to star as Ethne in the wartime drama The Four Feathers (2002) alongside Wes Bentley and Heath Ledger.Kate followed it up with her first big budget film How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), playing the lead role of Andie Anderson opposite eccentric heartthrob Matthew McConaughey. As soon as the film was released in theatres, it became an instant blockbuster hit and Kate gained legions of fans. She then took a role opposite Luke Wilson in the Rob Reiner romantic comedy Alex and Emma (2003), a film based on the adaptation of Dostoevsky's short story. In the adaptation of Diane Johnson's popular novel Le Divorce, Kate joined the ensemble cast of Naomi Watts, Stockard Channing and Bebe Neuworth in 2003's Le DivorceIn 2004, Kate starred as character Helen Harris in the family comedy Raising Helen (2004, also starring John Cusack, John Corbett and Helen Mirren). With Garry Marshall directing, she portrayed a successful single woman suddenly forced to raise her sister's three young orphaned children."This movie's based on things that I believe really exist. Those to me are the scariest movies. That's why I loved this movie when I read it. It can stretch your imagination or it can heighten what you think can be reality. It's based on voodoo." Kate Hudson on The Skeleton KeyIn 2005, the rising star will be seen as a young hospice worker in the horror flick The Skeleton Key (also starring Gena Rowlands, Peter Sarsgaard and John Hurt). Kate is also scheduled to play roles in the forth coming Can You Keep a Secret? (2005, portrays Emma Corrigan) and I Dream of Jeannie (2006, as Jeannie). Awards: Blockbuster Entertainment: Favorite Female - Newcomer, Almost Famous, 2001 Golden Globe: Best Supporting Actress, Almost Famous, 2001 Online Film Critics Society: Best Supporting Actress, Almost Famous, 2000 Las Vegas Film Critics: Best Supporting Actress, Almost Famous, 2000 Golden Satellite: Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy), Almost Famous, 2000 Florida Film Critics Circle: Best Newcomer, Almost Famous, 2000 Broadcast Film Critics Association: Breakthrough Performance, Almost Famous, 2000 Phoenix Film Critics Society: 2000
Right now, there's this style of parenting that I experienced with my generation, which was not to embarrass your children. They run the house!More Kate Hudson quotes [11/06/2006 12:11:00]
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I grew up in a house where I got spanked every once in a while. I was disciplined. At the same time, I was completely free to be my own person.More Kate Hudson quotes [11/06/2006 12:11:00]
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