Dmitrijj Majjboroda

Dmitrijj Majjboroda

Worshiping an idea is also idolatryMore Dmitrijj Majjboroda quotes [10/05/2022 12:10:47]
It is normal to be a Nietzschean at twenty, it's forgivable at thirty, it's shameful at forty, and it's extremely dangerous for everyone after fifty.More Dmitrijj Majjboroda quotes [10/05/2022 12:10:20]
In disrespect for a law - disrespect for a consent between any peopleMore Dmitrijj Majjboroda quotes [10/05/2022 12:10:24]
How differently a person views the news when he is far away, nearby and right there!More Dmitrijj Majjboroda quotes [10/05/2022 12:10:30]
Philosophy is a dialogue for the sake of truth. The forms of that are different - interpersonal, internal, public - but the essence is the same.More Dmitrijj Majjboroda quotes [10/05/2022 12:10:49]

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