was an Indian mystic, guru, and spiritual teacher who garnered an international following
I am not a messiah, and I am not a missionary. And I am not here to establish a church or to give a doctrine to the world, a new religion, no. My effort is totally different: a new consciousness not a new religion, a new consciousness not a new doctrine. Enough of doctrines and enough of religions! Man needs a new consciousness. And the only way to bring consciousness is to go on hammering from all the sides so that slowly slowly chunks of your mind go on dropping. The statue of a buddha is hidden in you. Right now you are a rock. If I go on hammering, cutting chunks out of you, slowly slowly the buddha will emerge.More Osho quotes [07/13/2011 09:07:06]
I am not a way. A way leads you somewhere, it connects you with the there, and my whole effort is to bring you here. A way is there-oriented, and I am here-oriented.More Osho quotes [07/13/2011 09:07:41]
The mind can be used and can be put aside. It is an instrument, a very beautiful instrument; no need to be so obsessed with it.More Osho quotes [07/13/2011 09:07:25]
Out of that aloneness - the experience of God. There is no other way; there has never been any and there is never going to be.More Osho quotes [07/13/2011 09:07:32]
Knowledge is not information, it's transformation.More Osho quotes [07/13/2011 09:07:10]

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