was an Indian mystic, guru, and spiritual teacher who garnered an international following
Become more and more innocent, less knowledgeable and more childlike. Take life as fun - because that's precisely what it is!More Osho quotes [07/13/2011 09:07:47]
My effort is to leave you alone with meditation, with no mediator between you and existence.More Osho quotes [07/13/2011 09:07:43]
My way has been described as that of the heart, but it is not true. The heart will give you all kinds of imaginings, hallucinations, illusions, sweet dreams -- but it cannot give you the truth. The truth is behind both: it is in your consciousness, which is neither head nor heart.More Osho quotes [07/13/2011 09:07:32]
I am a natural person. I have no charisma, and I donít believe in charisma. I donít believe in methods - even if I use them, I donít believe in them. I am a natural person, very ordinary. I can be lost in a crowd and you will not be able to find me. I donít lead you, I accompany you.More Osho quotes [07/13/2011 09:07:54]
Misery nourishes your ego -- that's why you see so many miserable people in the world. The basic, central point is the ego.More Osho quotes [07/13/2011 09:07:01]

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