Harry Kasparov

Harry Kasparov

13th world chess champion, grandmaster
It's quite difficult for me to imagine my life without chess.More Harry Kasparov quotes [08/02/2011 07:08:58]
I may play some exhibition games so I don't want to quit the game of chess completely. I just decided and it's a firm decision not to play competitive chess anymore.More Harry Kasparov quotes [08/02/2011 07:08:35]
It was not about losing my mental power; it's about not feeling good about my contribution to the game.More Harry Kasparov quotes [08/02/2011 07:08:52]
I have some security that could protect me against provocations but of course there are more terrible actions that could not be stopped by any security.More Harry Kasparov quotes [08/02/2011 07:08:18]
I've met enough KGB colonels in my life.More Harry Kasparov quotes [08/02/2011 07:08:30]

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