Dima Mulimonov

 Dima Mulimonov

Regular sleep prevents aging. Especially if sleeping at the wheel.More  Dima Mulimonov quotes [09/24/2016 02:09:49]
Bachelor eggs: Open the refrigerator, scratched his balls, closed the refrigerator.More  Dima Mulimonov quotes [08/16/2016 08:08:45]
After Russia this week has won 30 Olympic medals, the WADA proposed to be considered doping Russian citizenship.More  Dima Mulimonov quotes [08/17/2016 08:08:38]
With friends it is difficult to become rich: we are able to drink any amount of money.More  Dima Mulimonov quotes [03/20/2018 03:03:20]
treteMore  Dima Mulimonov quotes [01/06/2017 08:01:46]

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