Author Unknown

Author Unknown

The universe is always on the side of dreamers, so my dream will come true!More Author Unknown quotes [09/08/2016 06:09:12]
Be yourself! If you look not who you really are, you can get wrong job, not your friends will get not your love and live not your live.More Author Unknown quotes [09/12/2016 03:09:00]
People are strange creatures: they make mucks to each other, and they ask forgiveness from God.More Author Unknown quotes [03/27/2018 04:03:16]
Just as history is created by warriors and politicians, not by historians, so is the philosophy of authors of researchers and scientists, not philosophers.More Author Unknown quotes [04/04/2018 08:04:30]
Money can not buy happiness, but the fact that you did not own them to anyone does.More Author Unknown quotes [09/11/2016 12:09:04]

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