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Author Unknown

The social ladder is when you used to cry in the subway, and now in a taxi.More Author Unknown quotes [07/11/2022 12:07:19]
To become a predictor, it's enough just to be a pessimist.More Author Unknown quotes [02/22/2018 09:02:11]
Power (n): The only narcotic regulated by the SEC instead of the FDA.More Author Unknown quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
If Trump will win it will be first billionaire in America who will move to live in public housing, which took him by the black family before.More Author Unknown quotes [09/02/2016 02:09:40]
Better daughter is a prostitute, than the son-urbanist. (Konstantin Krylov)More Author Unknown quotes [11/01/2019 12:11:28]

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