Author Unknown

Author Unknown

The truth doesn't mind being questioned. A lie does.More Author Unknown quotes [03/23/2022 08:03:14]
This reaction to the avatar language is a sign of ignorance for non-believers. Ilia KrohmalMore Author Unknown quotes [02/18/2020 01:02:52]
Whole Internet's porno archive is not worth one half of ass desirable woman.More Author Unknown quotes [07/17/2016 01:07:54]
Some people are so afraid of making mistakes that they never do anything new. Brian TracyMore Author Unknown quotes [12/11/2019 01:12:25]
Legs of a woman speak volumes if they are on your shoulders - she likes you.More Author Unknown quotes [08/20/2016 07:08:30]

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Vasiliy Lukashik A woman usually looks at a man from head to toe, and he looks at her from toe to the head. [09/07/2022 10:09:29] More

Author Unknown Few people are happier than a cat who just stole a cutlet. [09/07/2022 12:09:24] More

Author Unknown A woman is able not only to bandage a wound, but also to inflict it. [09/19/2022 07:09:04] More

Unknown Author At some point, every man has to choose between making fun of astrology and having sex. [09/02/2022 11:09:56] More

Yuri Tatarkin Even when a woman seems to want nothing, she wants to want something. [09/08/2022 10:09:04] More