Andrejj Svobodin

Andrejj Svobodin

Nobody care what you put spokes in your wheels, when you - a locomotive.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/11/2016 10:08:07]
People make two mistakes in the life: being buried alive relationship and keep dead ones.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [09/06/2016 08:09:09]
Those who have a lot to say about their teachers' high calling, not usually very fond of a particular child.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/10/2016 08:08:05]
Going to work as a seal - could barely walk, but from the work like a deer - horseradish catch up!More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/21/2016 01:08:56]
All writers are divided into two types: one should be several times more to write, others - read.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/27/2016 09:08:47]

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