Andrejj Svobodin

Andrejj Svobodin

If you will look long enough to the goods, it can suddenly become more expensive.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/24/2016 10:08:31]
A woman is always a surprise, but not always present.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [09/29/2016 08:09:07]
Few people only knows, what Donald Trump translated into Ukrainian is Vladimir Putin.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/05/2016 09:08:15]
"Women love the ears." If you told her that you love, so you may not love.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/08/2016 08:08:52]
Those who do not feel anything, offends the feelings of feeling.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/25/2016 10:08:10]

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