Andrejj Svobodin

Andrejj Svobodin

From whole the athletes most husbands like synchronized swimmers.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/06/2016 06:08:49]
A woman is always a surprise, but not always present.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [09/29/2016 08:09:07]
I think if I will go to the hell, I'll find not much difference.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [12/10/2016 04:12:48]
How can by the same laws we can live so different ways?More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [09/12/2016 09:09:42]
People make two mistakes in the life: being buried alive relationship and keep dead ones.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [09/06/2016 08:09:09]

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