Andrejj Svobodin

Andrejj Svobodin

Russian language is so rich that if someone send you to the letter "_" immediately comes to mind a few expletives.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [07/28/2016 09:07:33]
At the time of the triumph of the opponent's reassurance to the thought that this is just a moment.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/30/2016 11:08:14]
Looting was included in the Olympic program individual sport.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/09/2016 09:08:20]
Each practitioner has his own small cemetery; each practicing lawyer has a small area.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/31/2016 11:08:46]
A true philosopher, a good wife - not a hindrance.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/06/2016 05:08:50]

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