Andrejj Svobodin

Andrejj Svobodin

Just can not understand - Armenia is now the Nazis against the legitimate government or militia against the junta?More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/01/2016 01:08:51]
Let's borrow only the money that you could afford to never get back.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/21/2016 01:08:07]
What good Russian word - a log, there is invented word - frigid.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/21/2016 01:08:15]
Each practitioner has his own small cemetery; each practicing lawyer has a small area.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/31/2016 11:08:46]
Confidence - when before the final at the Olympics you do not train but teach your national anthem.More Andrejj Svobodin quotes [08/17/2016 08:08:15]

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