Leonid Khlynovskijj

Leonid Khlynovskijj

It's not enough to be human. You have to be person with connections.More Leonid Khlynovskijj quotes [10/19/2022 02:10:02]
We do not know how to live and we can teach others.More Leonid Khlynovskijj quotes [08/08/2022 11:08:27]
Don't stop people from thinking about you the way they want to. Maybe this is their only consolation.More Leonid Khlynovskijj quotes [01/03/2023 08:01:26]
Daytime sleep is needed more by parents than by children in order to take a breath, gain strength and survive the rest of the day ...More Leonid Khlynovskijj quotes [12/27/2022 02:12:40]
Of course, I understand that you have to pay for everything, but I feel that I overpay ...More Leonid Khlynovskijj quotes [01/10/2023 12:01:57]

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