Leonid Khlynovskijj

Leonid Khlynovskijj

As a weapon, the Germans used gas, and the Russians used its absence.More Leonid Khlynovskijj quotes [07/29/2022 06:07:13]
And the older we get, the more incomprehensible how to live on.More Leonid Khlynovskijj quotes [07/12/2022 03:07:28]
In every woman, an orgasm is dormant, and the task of a man is to wake it up.More Leonid Khlynovskijj quotes [07/27/2022 05:07:35]
We do not know how to live and we can teach others.More Leonid Khlynovskijj quotes [08/08/2022 11:08:27]
Every glimmer of luck has a glint of lies, and that's the only way any business is done.More Leonid Khlynovskijj quotes [07/13/2022 01:07:18]

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