Georges Elgozy

Georges Elgozy

You cannot consider an urgent matter that does not cease to be urgent after a year.More Georges Elgozy quotes [07/31/2020 10:07:02]
There is only one type of work that does not cause depression, and that is work you donít have to do.More Georges Elgozy quotes [07/31/2020 10:07:57]
A part of any administrative machine does not serve absolutely anything - it is beauty in its purest form.More Georges Elgozy quotes [07/31/2020 10:07:32]
A bureaucrat is a person endowed with the gift of misunderstanding.More Georges Elgozy quotes [07/31/2020 10:07:33]
A genius is most afraid of work - it turns him into talent.More Georges Elgozy quotes [07/31/2020 10:07:06]

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