Aleksandr Grachev

Aleksandr Grachev

Taxes paid, but I can not sleep: thought why the heck?More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [09/15/2016 09:09:19]
Even in prison is better to sit alone than in the company of fools.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [08/19/2016 09:08:08]
Well, when people are friendly by houses, bad only when it is madhouses.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [06/28/2016 08:06:47]
Egypt, Turkey, Nice - where the poor Russian should to go?More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [07/19/2016 08:07:56]
In life, it is important not to build well and good but the settle down.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [07/22/2016 10:07:03]

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