Aleksandr Grachev

Aleksandr Grachev

With the completion for Russian, the German will be surprise.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [08/04/2016 10:08:12]
Among many downed pilots a lot of successful parachutists.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [06/30/2016 08:06:22]
When in the legs there is no truth, then it is necessary to imprison.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [07/17/2016 03:07:59]
To be closer to the people, the authorities do not necessarily have to steal them.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [09/22/2016 08:09:17]
Even the pathologists gave the oath of Hippocrates.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [04/10/2018 08:04:42]

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