Aleksandr Grachev

Aleksandr Grachev

Previously, people subscribed to Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gogol, and today - to those who have not even read them.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [08/05/2021 08:08:07]
For the murder of a slave in you self state will make you responsible with fullest extent of the law.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [07/04/2016 07:07:12]
This is how we must not love our government to live up to pension.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [08/16/2016 08:08:10]
In order for your jokes to be laughed at, you have to become the boss.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [08/17/2022 10:08:24]
Quarrelsome wife is not only discourages any hunting, but also fishing, football and beer.More Aleksandr Grachev quotes [10/06/2016 05:10:25]

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