Konstantin Potoroka

Konstantin Potoroka

"P"- Resident of RUSSIAMore Konstantin Potoroka quotes [10/25/2016 03:10:16]
Thus began the Third World War...God Save us... remove these madmen from power!More Konstantin Potoroka quotes [10/12/2016 11:10:49]
Everything is predetermined, but not all sealed.More Konstantin Potoroka quotes [07/12/2017 12:07:35]
Yes, no, mom, pa, god, love, weMore Konstantin Potoroka quotes [01/13/2017 05:01:35]
I Ambidexterity. With Leonardo I have in common is that I can write from right to left, good paint and curious in Life.
I Love You my Dear!
Konstantin Potoroka 2016 from BCMore Konstantin Potoroka quotes [11/27/2016 06:11:22]

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