Konstantin Potoroka

Konstantin Potoroka

Freedom, Faith, WorkMore Konstantin Potoroka quotes [11/17/2016 12:11:09]
Silence is not lyingMore Konstantin Potoroka quotes [08/06/2016 03:08:29]
I Ambidexterity. With Leonardo I have in common is that I can write from right to left, good paint and curious in Life.
I Love You my Dear!
Konstantin Potoroka 2016 from BCMore Konstantin Potoroka quotes [11/27/2016 06:11:22]
America if you spit on the world, he will wipe away,but if the world spits on you - you drownMore Konstantin Potoroka quotes [11/06/2016 06:11:56]
Vladimir Trump and Donald Putin held their first telepathic session/More Konstantin Potoroka quotes [04/06/2017 01:04:29]

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