Anatolijj Jurkin

Anatolijj Jurkin

Playability is selflessness in the era of the blockchain. (Anatoly Yurkin)More Anatolijj Jurkin quotes [04/26/2017 09:04:32]
The blockchain is a collective gesture of the forces of progress, after which mankind will lose the technical ability to lie. (Anatoly Yurkin)More Anatolijj Jurkin quotes [01/23/2017 07:01:13]
The government delegates to a bureaucrat full powers to fight the bureaucracy, sacarlal resources at the expense of the taxpayer and a blind eye to increasing corruption. (Anatoly Yurkin)More Anatolijj Jurkin quotes [02/20/2017 04:02:21]
Bad author's aphorism is a parody of the proverb. (Anatoly Yurkin)More Anatolijj Jurkin quotes [02/22/2017 07:02:23]
The game is a dangerous imitation of a comfort zone. (Anatoly Yurkin)More Anatolijj Jurkin quotes [03/13/2017 07:03:02]

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