Jurijj Tatarkin

Jurijj Tatarkin

A wise man knows when to keep silent. A wise man not only knows, but say nothing.More Jurijj Tatarkin quotes [07/26/2016 08:07:14]
If the reality surpassed all expectations, it means that alarm will spoil everything again.More Jurijj Tatarkin quotes [07/17/2016 03:07:05]
I'm trying to not relax on the Nature. In order not to provoke a symmetrical response.More Jurijj Tatarkin quotes [08/22/2016 08:08:01]
There would be no wheels. It's terrible to imagine - wherever the sticks would be ed.More Jurijj Tatarkin quotes [04/20/2018 09:04:38]
My imagination is very rich. Constantly I'm begged it for handouts.More Jurijj Tatarkin quotes [07/25/2016 08:07:21]

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