Jurijj Tatarkin

Jurijj Tatarkin

The best cure for the problems - it's money. But the recipe on a failsafe means doctors for some reason refuse to prescribe.More Jurijj Tatarkin quotes [09/18/2016 01:09:20]
Over the years, I learned to dream of achievable - so much less frustrating.More Jurijj Tatarkin quotes [09/01/2016 09:09:06]
Even the clown in the circus will come to the arena for ridiculous money.More Jurijj Tatarkin quotes [06/30/2016 10:06:50]
Half-truth is different from the half-lie by neat view.More Jurijj Tatarkin quotes [06/28/2016 09:06:47]
A sharp tongue without fast legs is an immediate danger to health.More Jurijj Tatarkin quotes [05/20/2017 12:05:20]

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