Eugeniya Shatskaya

Eugeniya Shatskaya

The great art of a woman is skillfully and successfully to depend!More Eugeniya Shatskaya quotes [07/27/2020 09:07:52]
Happiness is finding your own people and living with them.More Eugeniya Shatskaya quotes [07/27/2020 05:07:34]
A good manicure allows you to overlook around through the fingers.More Eugeniya Shatskaya quotes [07/27/2020 05:07:47]
We women are amazing creatures. We always find something good in any freak.More Eugeniya Shatskaya quotes [07/27/2020 05:07:54]
It is not hydrogen peroxide that paints a woman, but well-chosen jewelry.More Eugeniya Shatskaya quotes [07/27/2020 05:07:38]

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