Anzhelika Miropolceva

Anzhelika Miropolceva

One small victory is more expensive of hundreds mistakes.More Anzhelika Miropolceva quotes [01/27/2019 06:01:03]
The grandiosity of any mistake, people sees with own point of the significance.More Anzhelika Miropolceva quotes [01/29/2019 03:01:55]
Life is too short to spend it for illusion of happiness.More Anzhelika Miropolceva quotes [06/20/2019 02:06:51]
The bird in a cage of negative feelings doesn't sing about love.More Anzhelika Miropolceva quotes [04/27/2018 11:04:20]
The language of the heart is the language of senses.More Anzhelika Miropolceva quotes [02/21/2020 08:02:03]

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