Georgijj Aleksandrov

Georgijj Aleksandrov

Police squeeze incredibly difficult - she and contractors will successfully reduce.More Georgijj Aleksandrov quotes [10/25/2017 06:10:48]
To defeat an unheard-of opponent, it's enough to crush him with unprecedented skill.More Georgijj Aleksandrov quotes [07/12/2018 08:07:39]
How often do we go without moneyMore Georgijj Aleksandrov quotes [02/10/2017 02:02:22]
The root of all evil - fenced from the criticism the Governor.More Georgijj Aleksandrov quotes [07/23/2017 07:07:03]
There are some poor countries where there is no space left for the truth.More Georgijj Aleksandrov quotes [05/24/2018 06:05:43]

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