Georgijj Aleksandrov

Georgijj Aleksandrov

Reality is not what we are told, but what we have verified and understood.More Georgijj Aleksandrov quotes [06/07/2019 02:06:11]
Small berries are much more useful than the largest officials.More Georgijj Aleksandrov quotes [08/09/2018 01:08:30]
The attempt of the spouses to live long - that the spell of the gold bullionMore Georgijj Aleksandrov quotes [02/18/2017 12:02:50]
Without a volitional impulse, fate slips into a dead end.More Georgijj Aleksandrov quotes [11/16/2017 10:11:25]
Often the findings are misleading.More Georgijj Aleksandrov quotes [09/04/2019 05:09:26]

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