Renata Shuman-fikus

Renata Shuman-fikus

Try to be the youngest girl of your age.More Renata Shuman-fikus quotes [07/21/2020 10:07:48]
Marriage is a lifelong punishment for love.More Renata Shuman-fikus quotes [07/21/2020 10:07:26]
Home, work, home, work, home, work ... It's hard to live a double life.More Renata Shuman-fikus quotes [07/21/2020 10:07:09]
To be sincere, you have to have something to say.More Renata Shuman-fikus quotes [07/21/2020 10:07:00]
Matrimony is a warm jacket to be worn patiently even in hot weather.More Renata Shuman-fikus quotes [07/21/2020 10:07:23]

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