Tit Livius

Tit Livius

The Roman historian
There are laws for peace as well as war.More Tit Livius quotes [08/03/2011 01:08:24]
Men are only clever at shifting blame from their own shoulders to those of others.More Tit Livius quotes [08/03/2011 01:08:24]
Envy like fire always makes for the highest points.More Tit Livius quotes [08/03/2011 01:08:14]
The result showed that fortune helps the brave.More Tit Livius quotes [08/03/2011 01:08:41]
The populace is like the sea motionless in itself, but stirred by every wind, even the lightest breeze.More Tit Livius quotes [08/03/2011 01:08:36]

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