Mike Migenov

Mike Migenov

Hypersensitiveness: dizziness as a result of the Earth rotation.More Mike Migenov quotes [10/08/2016 03:10:16]
Life is a labyrinth with a lot of entrances and single exit.More Mike Migenov quotes [10/08/2016 03:10:16]
What Russian does not dream to become a "New Russian"!More Mike Migenov quotes [10/08/2016 03:10:16]
What Pyramid doesn"t dream of it"s own Pharaoh?More Mike Migenov quotes [10/08/2016 03:10:17]
Advertisement is like an accelerator in marketing. Reclamation is like brakes.More Mike Migenov quotes [10/08/2016 03:10:17]

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