Sofia Vassilieva

Sofia Vassilieva

Actress Sofia Vassilieva seemed somehow destined to play "Eloise" in ABC's upcoming telefilms based on the famed children's book series written by the late Kay Thompson, with illustrations by Hilary Knight.In addition to bearing a striking resemblance to the precocious and lovable six-year-old character, American born Sofia is also as cosmopolitan as one can be: she speaks Russian and French fluently, and travels the world. By the age of six, Sofia had resided in four states and traveled in half of the United States, including Hawaii. And last, but not least, she has followed Eloise's adventures as she's visited Paris, Moscow, Rome, Vienna, Toronto and even Siberia.It also seemed a rather destined event that Sofia's tenth birthday, October 22, fell on the same day of the nationwide release of he long awaited bok of her on-screen alter ego's latest adventure, "Eloise Takes a Bawth."When Sofia was three years old, her parents encouraged her to pursue studies in ballet and later in piano and singing. She has danced in the theatrical productions of "Celtic Dances" at the Creative Dance School of Tucson, "Alice in Wonderland," "The Nutcracker" and "Pinocchio," at the Eugene School of Ballet, Oregon.Sofia's acting talent was discovered two years ago at the International Modeling and Talent Association in New York, where she won the title of child actress and first runner-up child model of the year 2000. A year later she guest-starred in the series "The Agency." Most recently she played the role of Cindy Brady in the TV movie "The Brady Bunch in the White House," opposite Shelley Long, and appeared in the feature film "Inhabited," opposite Malcolm McDowell.Sofia's other talents include gymnastics, in which, in a few months of training, she reached the silver level in the American Talent Opportunity program for gifted children. She also adores ice skating, swimming, diving, roller skating, biking and just playing outside with her friends.Sofia Vassilieva resides in Sandy, Utah with her parents and a cat. (courtesy ABC Entertainment, 2003)Source:
There is work, and there is pleasure, Acting is pleasure.More Sofia Vassilieva quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
I want to be challenged I want to work and I want to feel that I am not being held back that there is something in front of me something more inspiring than just eating breakfast you know.More Sofia Vassilieva quotes [03/29/2018 05:03:36]
In America, you can not go on the road, go out, go into the woods. It's unthinkable there because everything is private property.More Sofia Vassilieva quotes [10/22/2019 01:10:38]

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