Grigory Yavlinsky

Grigory Yavlinsky

politician, leader of Yabloko in the State Duma
Communism is pediculosis. He appears from poverty.More Grigory Yavlinsky quotes [07/16/2020 02:07:56]
Do you want people to drink less? Give them a real opportunity to build their homes on their land ... The population will have something to do.More Grigory Yavlinsky quotes [07/16/2020 02:07:03]
Ratings are like perfumes: you can smell them, but you canít drink ...More Grigory Yavlinsky quotes [07/16/2020 02:07:56]
In 30 years there will be no developing countries in the world. I think so. There will be only developed countries and undeveloped forever.More Grigory Yavlinsky quotes [07/16/2020 02:07:40]
The minority is not ashamed. I am ashamed to be in the herd.More Grigory Yavlinsky quotes [07/16/2020 02:07:19]

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